Pulse Conferences provides the ultimate connective platform through the medium of ‘live’ events for the distinct yet inter-related professionals who deliver corporate governance, security, risk management, oversight, compliance and counsel to public and private sectors across the globe.

Check out our video from the 2nd CISO 360 Congress in Lisbon, 20-22 June 2018 and what speakers, sponsors and delegates thought of the event.   

Hear from Speakers, Sponsors and Attendees and their experience of the CISO 360 Middle East Congress 2018

View interviews from the inaugural CSO 360 Congress in Amsterdam, December 2017. Put the dates for the 2nd CSO 360 Congress 2018 in your diary now – 5-7 December 2018 in Vienna.    

Connecting minds, assuring the future

Set in the landscape of business innovation, rapid technological advancement and legal complexities, our mission is to inspire, inform and connect professionals, businesses and governments as they safeguard brand, reputation, people and assets to remain agile, competitive and attuned to new risks and opportunities.

PulseInspire – our international conferences aim to be the ultimate ‘brain pools’ for delivering transparent action strategies to leading minds

PulseConnect – our communities and social events aim to link peers, bridge sectors,  geographies and knowledge gaps to build trusted partnerships

PulseInnovate – our thought-leadership discussions offer face to face ‘sound boarding’ to strengthen governance and protective, compliance and competitive strategies

Working locally, thinking globally

We believe in the power of bringing the right people together at the right time in the right environment to pool knowledge and channel the partnerships that drive development and innovation. We know that the right connections and a cutting-edge programme can change a person, a business or a whole industry for the better.

Our team has a 15-year track record of creating and delivering conferences for businesses and governments in over 32 different countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Through our international conferences, regional thought leadership roundtables and local business community events, we aim to give participants access to a network of trusted connections to tap into.  A peer network can be the difference between success and failure. A challenge shared opens the door to solutions.

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