Journeys worth sharing to progress security and build resilience

Security 360 Circle, recently known as Pulse Security Circle, is the community hosted by Pulse Conferences. We are a growing, international community of Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Security Officers, directors of resilience, risk, intelligence, investigations and industry luminaries including CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, Chief Researchers, Analysts. 

Originally created in April 2020 as a way to keep our CISO and CSO 360 security communities talking during the lock down period, the Pulse Security Circle is now a fast-growing community of peers who share a common interest in the success and long-term growth of security, risk, financial crime and governance related disciplines and markets. Participants are Compeers, a word chosen to capture the purpose of the Security 360 Circle – an informal sense of belonging to a “Community” combined with “Peer”, reflecting the peer to peer sharing and learning from the experiences of others.


Participation in monthly online discussions on timely security-related matters that promote an holistic approach to building resilience and securing innovation.

Invitations to participate and to take a lead in the direction of our conferences, roundtables, interviews.

Register below to receive the Zoom link joining details. We can’t wait to meet you on screen at the next monthly Roundtable discussion!

Security 360 Circle – Save the next date for our monthly Friday discussions on Zoom (4pm-5pm UK time). 

Let us know if you would like to take the lead on a security, risk, governance topic of your choice! If so, your proposed topic and which dates would work for you here.

  • Friday 5 July 2024!

    1600hrs BST (London)
    1700hrs CEST (Paris)
    1100hrs EDT (New York)
    2300hrs (Singapore)

Participants include security, resilience, risk, technology and business leaders from the companies below + many more…

Why join?


Who is involved in the Security 360 Circle?

Security 360 Circle compeers include CISOs, CTOs, CIOs, CSOs, Corporate Security Directors, intelligence directors, investigators, risk, technology developers and architects, governance specialists and industry luminaries from the most innovative and influential companies. Compeers who enjoy debate, thought leadership and who have an eye on the future. Multinational businesses, banks, governments, technology companies, investors and advisory groups.  

How often does the Security 360 Circle meet?

Pulse hosts two flagship congresses (CISO 360 Congress and CSO 360 Congress) and various regional conferences in the Middle East, Africa, Americas, Asia & Oceania, Europe and the UK (see the conference calendar here). We also host Roundtables around the world (see upcoming dates here).

A key benefit to joining the Security 360 Circle is participation in our monthly, 60-minute, private Zoom roundtables with fellow Compeers.  Participants share insights, lessons learned, intelligence and knowledge on a pre-announced topic each time, and are encouraged to put forward topics and to volunteer to lead a discussion. A volunteer speaker shares insights on a pre-agreed timely security-related topic before we open up the subject for the group discussion. Compeers can introduce themselves to group, share updates and contribute regularly on these Zoom calls. The ambience will feel like being with trusted friends.

Can I join the Security 360 Circle?

Compeers must be interested in and willing to share your knowledge and experience with peers to progress the success and long-term growth of security, risk, financial crime and governance related disciplines and markets. If so, you are warmly invited to reach out to or to one of the Directors below to find out more about this group of executives, practitioners and market leading companies.

What is the cost of joining Security 360 Circle?

There is no fee to join the Security 360 Circle and the online roundtables are not sponsored. We do not share attendance information with any 3rd parties.

This is the platform to share thought-leadership and everyone’s input is greatly appreciated.

For commercial opportunities at our related CISO 360 and CSO 360 events, please contact

If I still have question whom should I contact?

Please contact to set up a call and discuss Security 360 Circle further.

Security 360 Circle – Recent Friday discussions have included…

  • Israel and Iran Updates: A Special Briefing by Military Specialist, Justin Crump, CEO and Founder of Sibylline
  • Securing Macs in a Corporate Environment – By Thomas Eeles, Right Move
  • Security Predictions for 2024 – Discussion led by Simon Scales, Chief Education Officer, The Association of Corporate Investigators (and Head of Conduct Risk, Financial Services Institution
  • Securing Europe’s Supply Chain – Energy, Nuclear War, Quantum  – led by Dr Sally Leivesley, Director, Newrisk Limited
  • Generative AI – The Three Concerns Problem and the Tale of Three CISOs – Led by Sounil Yu
  • Israel-HAMAS War Updates. Led by: Tzahi Shrag, Chief Intelligence Officer, Max Security joining from Tel Aviv in Israel
  • Securing data scientists and AI models – Led by Tim Varkalis, Security Design and Technology at AXA
  • Red teaming from sales person – Led by James Mason, Enterprise Security at QinetiQ
  • Three Aspects of the Cybersecurity/Physical Security Relationship – Led by Patrick Kane, Senior Director of Security, Atlas Air
  • Demystifying Ransomware Attacks: Insights from Handling Incidents at a Large Corporate! Led by Thomas Eeles, Security Operations Manager at Right Move
  • Security convergence – security and intelligence. Led by Cedrick Moriggi, Chief Security Officer, LaFarge Holcim
  • Are CISOs receiving the recognition that they are now professionals in their own right? Led by Dr Mike Humphrey FCIIS, Company Director
  • How companies, on the fringe of the forthcoming 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26 Forum, ensure they take adequate measures to protect their executives and premises from the attention and attacks by groups such as Extinction Rebellion. Led by Charles Blackmore CEO of Audere International
  • Aviation security updates. Led by Peter Drissell, Director Security, CAA UK
  • Strategies for CSOs in growing business relevance and corporate value in 2022. Led by Henry Wilkinson, Chief Intelligence Officer, Dragonfly
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) our own experiences and best practices for preventing, detecting, and responding to APT attacks. Led by Luke Ager, CTO, QinetiQ
  • The world in 2022 and beyond. Led by Justin Crump, CEO, Sibylline
  • Intelligence Trends and Challenges. Led by Ryan Long, Global Head of Intelligence, McDonald’s and Michael Mallard, U.S. Diplomat
  • Is it possible to ban or legislate against end to end encryption? Has the ship not already sailed? Is it possible to recapture the genie and put it back in its bottle? On internet security, ministers around the world want to have their cake and eat it. Can they? Charities have since joined the debate, but where does this leave businesses and the security industry? Led by Quentyn Taylor, Senior Director – Information Security and Global Response at Canon for Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Russia-Ukraine Updates. Led by Kieran O’Leary, Emergent Risk International
  • Future of working. Led by Dr Viktor Polic, CISO, ILO, UN in Geneva
  • A hybrid view of the current situation with Ukraine – Are we seeing an increase in attacks, what are we learning and how can we translate this to build resilience in our organisations? Led by Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft.
  • How well does your organisation know its staff and that it can trust them? Led by Graham Ayre, Internal Auditor, Insurance Sector
  • GDPR Security Questionnaires, are they worth the effort? Led by Julia Harris, CISO, Flight Centre
  • Innovations in Incident Response. Led by James Campbell, CEO and Co-Founder, Cado Security
  • Ransomware and the regulators. Led by Jonathan Armstrong, CEO, Cordery
  • How cyber war will for many just be an inconvenience but will be a cost for all as the battle ground for the cyberwar will be not in a foreign land but on your infrastructure. How cryptocurrency has democratized hacking. Led by Quentyn Taylor, Senior Director – Information Security and Global Response at Canon for Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Roe Vs Wade SCOTUS ruling. Led by Huw Longmore, Director, Emergent Risk International
  • Proposed UK Protect Duty and its potential implications for those leading in the security/resilience space. Led by Guy Huckle, Operational Resilience & Contingency Planning Manager, System Operator, Network Rail
  • “I’m a CISO but what is my purpose? Not an existential cry of despair but an examination of what I think my purpose is and what colleagues think it is.” Led by Joseff Harris, Head of Cyber Security at The Collinson Group
  • Evolving state of cyber awareness. Led by Kathryn Goldman, CEO and Founder of The Cybermaniacs.
  • Ransomware updates. Led by Nathan Green, Sr. Subject Matter Expert: Cyber & Dark Web, Dataminr 
  • Following the Joe Sullivan case, Gadi will share insights and lead an open discussion with participants on the legal concerns for CISOs, what CISOs should do now, information and then best practices. Led by Gadi Evron, CISO-In-Residence at Team8 in Israel; Mark Rasch, creator of the U.S. DOJ Computer Crime Unit and Cyber-Forensics practice; Stewart Baker, world’s most renowned cyber security lawyer, ex-General Counsel of the National Security Agency; Paul J. Guerra – Chief Security Officer at StockX
  • Supply chain risk and 3rd Party risk. Led by Bev Allen at Quilter; Dr Sally Leivesley, Director, Newrisk Limited; Vlad Botic, Director, The RaNT Group
  • Discussion Continuation: How do we get a sensible risk approach for 3rd party security due diligence? Then how do we use this with Regulators to generate confidence in solutions that are shown to work well? Led by Bev Allen Head of Information Security Assurance at Quilter; Dr Sally Leivesley, Director, Newrisk Limited; Vlad Botic, Co-Founder of The RANt Group; Michael Colao 
  • Richard Hollis, CEO of the Risk Factory – shared what he sees as prevalent on the threat landscape before he kicks off the discussion with attendees on their ‘top 3 security-related predictions for 2023’ and then wraps up with the key talking points.
  • Richard Mackintosh, Director, The Quince Group – insights on the important area of insider risk, its impact and practical ways to identify significant gaps in defences and how to design and build the right capabilities to fill those gaps.
  • Simon Newman, CEO Cyber Resilience Centre for London and David Young, CISO – ‘Cyber Security, its resilience and SME supply chains and the role and aims of the Cyber Resilience Centres’.
  • How are we measuring risk appetite within the organisation? Examples, experiences and learnings. Led by Stephen Khan, Head of Technology and Cyber Security Risk at HSBC
  • Future of travel and hotel security. Led by Andy Williams at SafeHotels
  • Covid Updates. Led by Dr Sally Leivesley, Director, Newrisk Limited
  • Current state and future predictions in the security roles and recruitment markets – trends, appetites, outlooks, practical on the job observations at this time. Led by Owanate Bestman (Bestman Solutions) and Chris Meager (enteles Search)
  • Cybersecurity for the higher education sector (and the education sector more generally) post-Covid. Led by Dr. Vasileios Karagiannopoulos, Senior Lecturer in Law and Cybercrime and Reader in Cybercrime and Cybersecurity at University of Portsmouth
  • Investigators response to the pandemic and highly sensitive and complex investigations into sanctionable practices in Bank-financed projects. Led by Mehdi Khoali, Chief Investigations Officer at the African Development Bank
  • Impact Covid-19 has on the airline industry and the future of aviation. Led by Ned Farmer, Geopolitical Risk Manager at American Airlines
  • Why security awareness training fails. Led by Peter Wood, Director, Naturally Cyber
  • Upcoming film on what Biden might mean for technology companies. Led by Jonathan Armstrong from Cordery
  • How we can collectively mitigate the supply chain attack vector risk on two levels? Led by Michael Colao, CSO, AXA and Richard Hollis, CEO, Risk Factory
  • How can we measure ROSI (Return on Investment) in 2 weeks? Promoting risk appetite and KPIs and ROSI in our system of controls and within our own security functions. Led by Marcus Alldrick, CISO Luminary
  • How data transfer and data protection have changed since Brexit. Predictions for the future – for example will the UK get an adequacy decision from the EU when the temporary deal ends in April? Will data breach fines effectively double now with UK & EU regulators both having the power to fine up to 4% of global revenue?  Led by Jonathan Armstrong from Cordery               
  • The 3 Lines of Defense. Led by Shan Lee, CISO, Wise
  • Evolution of risk quantification and it’s movement to be mainstream. Led by Ray Stanton, Global Partner at IBM Security
  • Emerging Threat horizon. Ransomware, Data Breach. Led by Marcus Alldrick, CISO Luminary, Pulse Conferences
  • Remote workforce during the pandemic and thoughts for the return to the office. Led by Dr. Sally Leivesley, Director, Newrisk Limited  
  • “The auditor has some questions for you….” covering an assessment of the specific information security risks associated with remote working! Led by Graham Ayre, Internal Auditor, Insurance Sector
  • Covid-19 & The Future of Aviation – From where the global airline industry was to where it is going. Testing and vaccines as a bridge to reopening international travel.  Led by Ned Farmer, Geopolitical Risk Manager at American Airlines
  • Security value chain. Led by Alan Jenkins, CISO, Hitachi
  • What’s the obsession with getting to the board? Led by Lee Barney, Head of Information Security, Mishcon de Reya
  • Next generation malicious employees. Are the employees included in the defense security layers or they are just under monitoring by solutions? Led by Mena George, cybersecurity business analyst, Americana (Dubai)
  • Information security training. Led by Derry Murphy, Pay.UK
  • Security metrics and diversity inclusion. Led by Bev Allen, Information Assurance, Quilter

“Pulse Conferences delivers a really enjoyable, informative and immersive experience. Informative and fun.”

– Director, Naturally Cyber (UK)

“A fantastic opportunity offered by Pulse Team to meet world class practitioners and stay on top of best practices in the global security and investigations world!”

– Chief Investigator, African Development Bank (Côte d’Ivoire)


“A great opportunity for learning, networking and re-connecting for security professionals.”

– Senior Director of Security, Atlas Air (USA)

“Amazing opportunity to share experiences and to learn in a very nice environment. You meet interesting people, learn about cyber, risk, security, threats and share knowledge with top professionals. A great experience and pleasure.” 

– Europe Industries- Security Officer, Air Liquide GMS (France)

 “Pulse is able to draw on knowledgeable speakers, and has knowledgeable and challenging audiences – I get value from attending”

-Head of Information Security Assurance, Quilter

“I find it extremely valuable for several reasons, primarily networking with industry peers comparing our challenges and successes stories.  A very worthwhile investment of my time.”

-Head of Security, CloudKubed


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