Announcement of Pulse Conferences and TEG7 Training Collaboration

Posted by Sara Hook

Delivering practical exercising on cyber-physical integrated security and crisis management training…

Download the press release here.

Pulse Conferences announces the commencement of a transformative event collaboration with The Exercise Group7 LLP to deliver practical exercising on cyber-physical integrated security and crisis management training.

Highly practical risk reduction exercises will prepare organisations to build resilience and security strategy through the highly effective medium of scenario exercises, case examples and using the very latest technologies. The exercising events are offered as special change management events in cyber and physical security.

 Exercising and training including:

  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Catastrophic risk for cybersecurity, audit, finance, physical security for insurance, security and risk assurance professionals
  • Catastrophic risk theory, practice and calculations
  • Insider threat – find the insider
  • Espionage and intelligence
  • Integrated cyber and physical – Penetration testing
  • Security audit
  • Physical – Strategy and leadership decision making – case studies and scenario for crisis response experience
  • Cyber – Policy and standards for systems security
  • Physical – Crisis scenarios of hostage taking for preventative planning
  • Cyber and physical – Risk and crisis transformation in the company
  • Communications and crisis response and media for brand protection
  • Cyber and physical – Attack the network

London, 30 August 2017

Further information:
+44 (0)20 7936 8989

Download the press release here.