Bring a Champion to Dinner!
CISO-DevOps 360 Dinner Exchanges

Bridging CISO and DevOps with Exchanges, Handshakes and Toasts! Connection, Consensus, Celebration!

9 Dates, 9 Cities! When you register below, you will be asked to select the date/location that best suits you.

Bring a Champion to Dinner! CISO-DevOps 360 Dinner Exchanges

Join evening discussions over dinner that are specifically designed for CISOs and DevOps Champions working within the same organisation to get to know each other and to benchmark experiences with other organisations. 

Application security is no longer one-or-two dimensional. Security teams throw several questions to DevOps teams that could slow them down, or simply annoy them enough to stop collaborating. For example:

  • What code are you writing and how often are you releasing code?
  • What software tools are you building the code with?
  • What third-party libraries are you importing from?
  • What security controls do you have in place for where you run the code?

Different motivations and priorities that typically exist between security and meeting release deadlines has led to the current narrative amongst Security teams and their DevOps team, that may go something like this:

Security people: “Those Developers are cranking out bad code that’s going to get us hacked!”
Developers: “Security is nothing but an obstacle. They don’t understand that we have lots of other concerns and the only ‘help’ they provide is to brow beat us.”

You are invited to join us on a CISO-DevOps Exchange where we would like to update and modernise this narrative into one whereby both teams are finding better partners in each other!  Each Dinner Roundtable is co-led by a thought leader on DevSecOps, Agile, and Analytics, Larry Maccherone, who will join us from Raleigh North Carolina. Prior to joining Contrast Security was the Distinguished Engineer, DevSecOps Transformation at Comcast, where he built and scaled their transformation programme.

Hosted by Pulse Conferences and kindly sponsored by Contrast Security, the discussions will be co-led by a fellow practitioner.

Why Attend? Bring a Champion!

  • As a CISO, this is a unique opportunity to get your dev-ops properly involved in security supporting security governance – invite your champion to dinner directly, or Pulse is happy to invite on your behalf!
  • As a DevOps champion, involve your CISO in the fast-paced world of development and be secure by design – invite your champion to dinner directly, or Pulse is happy to invite on your behalf!

An Evening of Three Acts!

  1. Act One – Connection. Exchanges. What are our most pressing questions and biggest pain points when dealing with DevOps/Security?
  2. Act Two – Consensus. Handshakes. What are we doing already and what new things may we wish to do in the future?
  3. Act Three – Celebration. Toasts. What are our recent project achievements and what positive ‘outcomes’ that have come out of the discussion?

The Workings

Conducted under The Chatham House Rule, we look forward to these lively discussions where participants will share examples of Security and DevOps working closer together – the successes, challenges, pain points and solutions – in a rare and unique exchange designed to build bridges and progress projects together!  Clive Room, a Director at Pulse Conferences will be your Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Timings are:

17:30-18:30       Guests arrive and welcome drinks
18:30-21:00       Discussion while dinner is served
21:00-21:30       Conclusions, goodbyes and guests depart

Talking Points

Here are some of the areas that we think are important to address for both groups. When you register please let us know what is on your mind so we can tailor the talking points accordingly!

  • What are the underlying mechanisms of human behaviour that enterprise execution techniques assume are critical to their effectiveness?
  • How have these mechanisms been disrupted by your agile transformation?
  • Why have traditional use of metrics suddenly stopped being effective and how can we alter the ‘metric’s approach’ to restore effectiveness in your newly agile environment?
  • Most critically, how can we leverage the language and mindsets of your executives to reinforce your agile initiatives rather than resist them?
  • How do we improve our feedback loop so that security is strengthened and code release is not slowed down?

There is no cost to attend. Places around the table are limited and confirmations will be done on a ‘first to confirm’ basis. We hope that you can join fellow CISOs and DevOps directors for what promises to be an evening of fascinating discussion, a top culinary experience and fantastic company!

Yours sincerely,
Team Pulse

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About Contrast Security

Contrast Security enables developers to speed application development cycles while writing more accurate, secure code. Contrast embeds security instrumentation within software that eliminates code halts and the need for expensive security experts by automatically identifying vulnerabilities and verifying their fixes while developers write code. In doing so, Contrast observes the routes of an application while it is running, thereby exposing all of the different points of entry into the application. Delivering highly accurate and always-on protection, Contrast also eliminates time-consuming and frustrating false positives that create alert fatigue as well as false negatives that can pose serious risk to applications in runtime and moreover incur significant development time remediating. Finally, as the industry’s only DevOps-native AppSec Platform, Contrast delivers comprehensive coverage from development to production, dramatically reducing the number of AppSec toolsets developers need to manage. More information can be found at or by following Contrast on Twitter at @ContrastSec.

Feedback from recent CISO-DevOps 360 Guests!

“CISO-DevOps 360 Dinner Exchanges was very useful to get an insight to DevOps and challenges to have security baked into development cycle. It was great opportunity to network with professionals from both DevOps and security background, everyone actively participated in discussions which was helpful to understand the cultural shift /mindset changes to meet the business requirements from both developer and security personal.”
Sr. Manager-Cyber Security Essentra Plc

“A varied collection of specialisms around the dinner table which gave rise to some interesting practical insights and experiences. Although we all made sure our Michelin dinner was not getting cold it was clear that everyone was participating in the discussion.”
CIO British Medical Association (BMA)

“It was a welcoming environment and I was kept engaged throughout the evening.”
Head of Security Strategy & Transformation AXA Health

“Fantastic evening discussing the challenges in the DevSecOps arena with experienced Security Professionals. Clive was an absolute delight at entertaining and sharing historical details of the venue and the food was amazing, but more importantly I got to engage and learn a great deal about the challenges we face and what potentially we should be doing to encourage that culture of secure development. Thank you to the team at Pulse! These events are absolutely worthwhile and positively engaging.” Cyber Security Principal / Technical British Medical Association (BMA)

“Talking and listening to colleagues and SME’s from different businesses across the sectors in fun, yet carefully curated evenings is unique and very much appreciated – thanks Pulse!”

Discussions are co-led by CISO / DevOps!

Larry Maccherone, DevSecOps Transformation, Contrast Security

Larry Maccherone is a thought leader on DevSecOps, Agile, and Analytics. At Comcast, Larry launched and scaled the DevSecOps Transformation program over five years. In his DevSecOps Transformation role at Contrast, he’s now looking to apply what he learned to guide organizations with a framework for safely empowering development teams to take ownership of the security of their products. Larry was a founding Director at Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab, researching cybersecurity and software engineering. While there, he co-led the launch of the DHS-funded Build-Security-In initiative. Larry has also served as Principal Investigator for the NSA’s Code Assessment Methodology Project which wrote the book on how to evaluate application security tools, and received the Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Labs Fellow award.  Looking at Larry Maccherone’s career, you might think he can’t figure out what he wants to be when he grows up – Serial entrepreneur? Agile transformation coach? Open-source developer? Data scientist? Dev[Sec]Ops thought leader? However, the underlying theme is that Larry has constantly been striving to create the highest performing software engineering teams. At Comcast, Larry built and scaled the DevSecOps Transformation program over five years, and he’s now looking to apply what he learned doing that to help all Contrast customers and prospects. Larry hails from Raleigh, NC, where his wife and four daughters make sure there is never a dull moment!

Master of Ceremonies

Clive Room, a Director, Pulse Conferences Ltd

Clive has worked as a marketeer within cybersecurity since 2000. As the Marketing Manager at Portcullis Computer Security he organised all their bespoke events from seminars to hospitality events like the famous Portcullis Arms during Infosec. He was also responsible for their involvement with conferences and exhibitions all over Europe.  Clive was Chairman of The White Hat Committee, the charity for the information security industry, which raises money for ChildLine and Barnardo’s throughout the year.  Clive is proud to be a part of the dynamic team bringing CISO 360 Congress to the marketplace as a game changer in cybersecurity events.

Brown’s Hotel – The Roosevelt Room

In the heart of London’s elegant Mayfair, Brown’s Hotel is an iconic luxury hotel where history and 21st-century sophistication come together. The retreat of choice for royalty, presidents and literary greats over the centuries, Brown’s Hotel is an enduringly distinguished destination in London.

The CISO-DevOps 360 Dinner Exchanges will be hosted in the beautiful Roosevelt Room, located on the 1st floor.


33 Albemarle St,
London W1S 4BP

Closest Tub & Train Stations
Green Park Tube station: 4 minutes walk
Piccadilly Circus Station: 8 min minutes walk
Charing Cross Station: 17 minutes walk / 6 min taxi.

Hotel d’Angleterre – Salon I – II

Hotel d’Angleterre is located at Kongens Nytorv in the heart of Copenhagen – Northern Europe’s cosiest capital, with neighbours such as the colourful Nyhavn, the Royal Theatre and Kongens Have (The King’s Garden). Established in 1755, the 5-star hotel d’Angleterre is an icon and a historic landmark in Copenhagen and Denmark and it is rated as one of the best hotels in Copenhagen and indeed Northern Europe. Celebrated for its elegance, luxury and style, hotel d’Angleterre embodies the perfect balance between the stately Victorian architecture of the historic building and the graceful simplicity of contemporary Nordic design.

The CISO-DevOps 360 Dinner Exchanges will be hosted in the grand Salon I – II.


Hotel d’Angleterre
Kongens Nytorv 34,
1050 København, Denmark 

Closest Stations
Gammel Strand station: 7-minute walk
Marmorkirken: 7-minute walk
København H: 9-minute drive


Grand Hôtel Stockholm – Scholanderska Rummet

The Grand Hôtel in Stockholm has been home to celebrities, high-profile events and everyday bon-vivants since 1874. Situated in the best waterfront location imaginable, the hotel overlooks the Royal Palace and Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town.

The CISO-DevOps 360 Dinner Exchanges will be hosted in Scholanderska Rummet is on the first floor of the Bolinderska Palatset, a building that was constructed on the principle that only the best will do. Both Sweden’s ‘aquavit king’ L.O. Smith and Grand Hôtel’s founder Régis Cadier lived here, and much of the original interior of this cultural heritage building remains.


Grand Hôtel
Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8,
103 27 Stockholm, Sweden

Closest Tub & Train Stations

Kungsträdgården station: 2 min walk
Östermalmstorg station: 9 minutes walk
Nybrokajen: 5 min minutes walk
Central station: 16 min walk / 6 min taxi

Le-Laurent – Salon Elysée

Well hidden in the Golden Triangle, right in the middle of the Champs-Élysées gardens, in Paris the Laurent house is a Parisian institution. Behind its pretty orange-hued facade lies a realm where elegance and the French art of living take pride of place. People visit this treasure of French historical and gastronomic heritage with traditional old-fashioned luxury teams up with discreet modernity. For over 300 years, the Laurent has held the keys to an authentic, prestigious welcome.

The CISO-DevOps 360 Dinner Exchanges will be hosted in the beautiful Salon Elysée, both chic and refined, with its Directory period furniture overlooking the hundred-year-old chestnut trees of the surrounding gardens. A bucolic charm in the heart of the business district.


Le Laurent
41 Avenue Gabriel
75008 Paris

Closest Tub & Train Stations

Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau station: 4 min walk
Franklin D. Roosevelt station: 4 min walk
Saint-Philippe-du-Roule station: 6 min walk

Rosewood Villa Magna – Las Brasas de Castellana

Rosewood Villa Magna is situated on the grand boulevard Paseo de la Castellana, steps from prestigious Calle Serrano with impressive architecture and minutes from Art Triangle museums. This urban oasis, surrounded by lush gardens, originally opened in 1972 and has been lovingly restored to the finest standards of modern, elegant style Reopening in 2021. 

The CISO-DevOps 360 Dinner Exchanges will be hosted in a private section of Las Brasas de Castellana, an elegant and vibrant restaurant within Rosewood Villa Magna that offers a memorable culinary experience. The restaurant’s cuisine focuses on local, seasonal products, while also offering a visual spectacle for guests, as the chefs cook over charcoal grills.


Rosewood Villa Magna
Paseo de la Castellana 22,
28046 Madrid, Spain

Closest Tub & Train Stations

Rubén Darío station: 6 min walk
Alonso Martínez station: 10 min walk
Serrano station: 9 min walk

Ship Chandlers Warehouse

A unique private dining room in the heart of Amsterdam filled with antiques from the 17th-century. The shop is one of the very scarce 17th-century interiors in the Netherlands where authentic details can still be seen. Painter Rembrandt van Rijn worked and lived nearby (Rembrandthuis) and used to drop in during the afternoon. 1624 is the date engraved on a stone in the cellars, but since then the house has been altered many times. The shop opened its doors during the seventeenth century and served victuals and beverages for the sea-going ships. The captains could order and taste the samples downstairs, upstairs in the warehouse the goods were neatly arranged and brought to the ships by small boats.


Ship Chandlers Warehouse
Geldersekade 8,
1012 BH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Closest Tub & Train Station
Amsterdam Centraal station: 4 minutes walk
Nieuwmarkt metro station: 6 min minutes walk
Metro En Tram: 3 minutes walk

The Ivy Dawson Street Dublin – The Jonathon Swift Room 

The Ivy Dawson Street houses a private dining venue with a difference. The CISO-DevOps 360 Dinner Exchanges will be hosted in The Jonathan Swift Room, named after the Dublin-born author, is still very much rooted in the local landscape, featuring a stunning image of Dublin’s horizon c1800. Meanwhile, the ceiling celebrates another of the city’s famous writers, James Joyce.  His famous fictional hero, Leopold Bloom, is pictured alongside a host of multicolored, exotic flying birds, pairing perfectly with the room’s colourful collection of art


The Ivy Dawson Street
13-17 Dawson St, Dublin,
D02 TF98, Ireland

Closest Tub & Train Stations
Dublin Pearse Station: 12 min walk / 4 min taxi
Busáras Central Station: 18 min walk / 9  min taxi
Tara Street Station: 12 min walk / 5 min taxi

National Museum of Scotland Board & Bute Rooms

Originally designed by Benson & Forsyth Architects to replicate the ancient Iron Age Scottish broch, the tower at the National Museum of Scotland houses a suite of Boardrooms combining traditional Scots architecture with twenty-first-century luxury, offering a totally unique perspective for daytime and evening events as well as wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The CISO-DevOps 360 Dinner Exchanges will be hosted in the stunning circular The Bute Room with a beautiful tapestry carpet, which adds color and depth to the dramatic and imposing setting.


National Museum of Scotland
Chambers Street
EH1 1JF 

Closest Tub & Train Stations
Edinburgh Waverley station: 9 minutes walk

Hotel Amigo – Roccoforte Hotels

Found in the historic heart of Brussels, moments from the Grand Place, Hotel Amigo, a Rocco Forte hotel, sits where every aspect of Brussel’s culture meets. 

Several of the original 17th-century flagstones remain,  worn smooth by time, they remain part of the fabric of the building that became Hotel Amigo, built in the 1950s by the Blaton family to host the world’s royalty and visiting nobility.

Hotel Amigo seamlessly blends art, culture, heritage, and creativity and has been a home away from home for the world’s great and good, who have flocked to Brussels for its world-class contemporary art, historic and cultural sights, the financial district, and the European Parliament.

The CISO-DevOps 360 Dinner Exchanges will be hosted in the stunning Hergé room with an amazing partial view over the iconic Grand Place of Brussels.


Hotel Amigo – Rocco Forte Hotels
Vruntstraat 1/3,
1000 Brussel, Belgium

Closest Tub & Train Stations

Beurs Metro Station: 4 min walk
Brussels-Midi station: 10 min taxi
Brussels Airport (BRU): 20 min taxi

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