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Speaking By Invitation – 7th CISO 360 Congress, Barcelona 2023

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We do not operate a ‘Pay to Speak’ Policy. Our sessions are pre-dominantly led by CISOs and other subject matter specialists that CISOs have informed us they would like to learn from. The format and timing of the sessions that are led by our official event Sponsors is determined by the Speaker who is put forward by the Sponsor, what they will bring to the table in terms of openly sharing and learning and their flexibility on he session formats – for example we favour interactive sessions and case studies that engage the participants. We limit keynotes by PowerPoint.

International Speaker Panel – 7th CISO 360 Congress, Barcelona 2023

Chaired by

Marcus Alldrick, CISO Luminary

Born at a very early age and growing up in a culture where cyber was a prefix for anything automated, menacing and malevolent (how history has a tendency of repeating itself), Marcus entered the world of Data Processing as it was known back then after graduating from university.

Progressing from programming into analysis and then data architecture Marcus became the first devolved Information Risk and Security Manager for Barclaycard.
After seven years in that role he moved financial institutions and became Head of Information Security for Abbey National plc, now Santander UK.
After six years at Abbey and a move into consulting for a large UK utilities company Marcus joined KPMG as a Principal Advisor. Eighteen months later he joined Lloyd’s of London as its CISO and subsequently became its Head of Digital Risk Management and Compliance, also embracing responsibility for data protection and privacy, during his 10 years tenure there.

Having worked in IT for over 40 years, specialising in information risk, protection, security and compliance for the latter 27 years or so, Marcus decided to leave full-time corporate life and move to the South Coast of England in mid-2017, ever the seafaring Fisherman’s Friend.
As well as being a proud member of the Pulse Conferences family, Marcus now actively volunteers for the heritage Swanage Railway where he undertakes various customer facing roles, Julia’s House, the Dorset and Wiltshire children’s hospice and care provider, a local school as a governor and is a guest lecturer at the University of Portsmouth.

International Speaker Panel 2023

Alan was formerly Group CISO at Babcock International, UK CSO at CSC and T-Systems, an Associate Partner at IBM Security, and served in the Royal Air Force for 21 years.

Scientist (Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence), speaker, engineering executive. 15+ years of intl. experience in research (Columbia U., KAIST) and product impact at scale (DigitalOcean, Yahoo, Telefónica, IDIAP-EPFL, Fuji Xerox, IBM, Siemens, and AT&T Bell Labs) in the USA, Japan, Chile, Switzerland, Spain, and South Korea. 100+ patents and publications. Columbia University Ph.D..

I leverage large-scale data using a Human-Centered approach to design, build, and deliver business value in novel algorithms for products used by millions of people. Core competencies:

  • Building and managing internationally distributed teams of scientists and engineers.
  • Strategic, technical, and operational leadership to maximize business impact of research.
  • Creating synergies as a catalyst between engineers, designers, product managers, and executives.
  • Communicating across diverse communities (70+ international invited talks).
  • Designing and leading implementation of algorithms, advanced metrics, and A/B tests.
  • Taking on projects that involve multiple stakeholders, delivering solutions that matter at the individual level, work at scale, and make business sense.

Diverse technical skills at the intersection of AI and User Experience across various industries (Cloud, Healthcare, News/Media):

  • Computer Vision, Data Mining & Machine Learning
  • Content Recommendation & Social Discovery
  • Behavioral insights & Product strategy

I like to travel, read, and explore different cultures. I have lived in 8 cities in 4 continents [Bogota, New York, Santiago de Chile, Tokyo, Lausanne, Madrid, Barcelona, Daejeon] and traveled in 80+ countries [Flickr].

Past EU projects: Social Sensor, ARCOMEM, and the CENIT Social Media.


A Cyber and Technology executive with over twenty-five years of industry experience leading and implementing successful technical programmes in demanding global financial services environments, Andrea provides strategic vision, leadership and technology expertise with a proven track record for effective risk management, change delivery and operational cyber security defence.

Andrea maintains a strong emphasis on the continuous improvement of information security controls while partnering closely with internal and peer external organisations in order to achieve enhanced collective protection across the finance sector.

Andreas Wuchner is an experienced and recognized senior executive leader with extensive international general management experience of global diversified businesses and a proven track record. He has held positions in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Andreas served as General Manager (CIO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Head IT Security & Operations, Head IT Risk Control and Head IT Risk Management / Governance & Compliance for several large scale and international organizations including Novartis Pharmaceuticals, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and Hewlett Packard. He also served on company advisory and supervisory boards helping cyber start-up organizations with his experience in Strategic planning, go-to Market activities, financing advice for seed funding and round A to C plus product/service design.

As an Angel Investor Andreas invests in Cyber Security organizations where he then participates actively in the growth and future of the organization in scope. With more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of Information Security, IT-Security & Information Risk management, Andreas supports clients all over the world with his own 2 companies. His special focus areas are within highly regulated environments such as life science and financial services.

Barry is Director with Guide house working within Risk, Compliance and Security. He has over 30 years experience in energy, finance and public sector, and is an internationally recognized cyber security expert and advisor. He was also part of the Industry Advisory Group for the the Cyber Essential Scheme in conjunction with UK’s Department of Business, Energy and Industry Strategy; and as are research advisor to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology(POST) on Big data, Ethics and privacy. He has also written a number or articles and is currently working on two forthcoming books

Bev Allen is an information security professional with more than 35 years’ experience in delivering operational and strategic information security, information risk management, and privacy, including the development and delivery of information security and privacy policies, standards, and security training, in a variety of culturally diverse organisations and industries.

Currently focussing on developing our 3rd party security assurance processes to be more meaningful to both parties, and determining how to do this on a more frequent basis.

Colette leads technology risk, security compliance and data governance for Checkout.com, a cloud-based payments platform. Before joining Checkout.com she held leadership roles at Skype, Microsoft and Nokia. Specialising in pragmatic and creative solutions for complex and evolving compliance requirements, she is passionate about embedding security and privacy in operations, products and services from design to delivery. Her focus is comprehensive reduction of technology-related risk for the business and for the customer. Colette holds an MSc. in Information Security from Royal Holloway and is CISSP, CISM, CIPP, CDPSE.

Dr. Eduardo Solana is Senior Lecturer of Cryptography and Security at the University of Geneva. Amongst others, Dr. Solana has worked for IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers where he was Global Subject Matter Expert for authentication solutions. He has more than twenty five years of experience in the fields of cryptography and information security both in the private sector and the academia. Dr. Solana is a deeply experienced security practitioner, technical writer and regular speaker at the most relevant conferences and symposia in the field. During his extensive career, he has provided consulting services to multinational organizations and states in security related issues.


Emma Leith is a globally recognized cyber security leader with 17 years’ experience across c-suite leadership positions, consulting and services. As the Director of Consulting at Bridewell, a leading cyber security services company, Emma has full ownership of their consultancy capability working alongside the rest of Bridewell’s board to deliver industry-leading, expert-led consultancy. Emma has a wealth of experience in all areas of cyber security and as the former European CISO for Santander, and Divisional CISO for BP, has provided strategic leadership and led security transformations in a range of contexts, including critical infrastructure and highly regulated environments such as Financial Services, Oil and Gas.


She has previously worked for global consultancies, Deloitte and BT Global Services, and often leverages her deep understanding of the challenges faced by global boards and executives to support their strategic objectives. Emma holds an MSc in Information Security from Royal Holloway, University of London and won CISO Supremo of the year from Unsung Hero Awards in 2020.

George Eapen is currently the Group CIO for Petrofac, an international provider of energy services, with around 11,500 employees supporting international and national oil, gas and renewable energy companies to unlock more value in key geographies including, Malaysia, India, Middle East, Russia and the CIS, the UK and the Americas. In his current role, George and his team manages IT & Digital strategy for the Company. George also serves on the Global Board of Advisors for IBM Security.

George was previously Chief Information Security Officer for GE Global Regions/ GE International. In that role, George was responsible for defining Cyber Security strategy for Enterprise IT & OT for all the GE regions outside of US which accounted for B revenue for the Company. George has 15 years of global experience (USA, India, Singapore, Italy, China & Middle East) with multiple businesses (Healthcare, Aviation, Oil & Gas,) in diverse IT domains (Software development, Quality, Auditing, Infrastructure, Operations & Cyber Security).

George is a well-known thought leader in the field of Cyber having presented extensively on the topic at over 30 conferences worldwide, including key notes at Microsoft Ignite 2019, IBM Think 2020 and GISEC. George also serves as a Non-Executive Board member for many Cyber Organisations and committees. George is a recipient of multiple awards globally and was also featured in Intelligent CIO, Security Middle East and Cyber Sentinels magazine.

George holds an Electrical Engineering degree from MG University, an MBA from Symbiosis, India and an Executive MBA from MIT Sloan.

Senior Information Security Officer / Deputy CISO at

James Frampton has a long career in technology leading and is currently the Chief Information Security Officer. James’s career covers retail, recruitment, insurance, banking, technology, and securities sectors and has worked for a range of organisations such as M&S, Diageo, Hays, Misys, ABN Amro and IBM.

“After a strong sales career spanning decades, from selling batteries, to retail/sales management, to being a self-employed Wedding Photographer, I fell into InfoSec accidentally and found a passion for my calling in life, that quickly took off. In 2013, and within only a month in industry, I’d produced a sales plan and a 12 month marketing road-map – including filming a new red teaming video for our pen testing team, who at the time had never had this kind of focus = Legend J. The more that I sat with this team, listening to the daily “whoops” and high-fives, when we’d pwned another global organisation (on day one, black box) as well as truly believing I was selling the best – I wanted part of this too! The question remained, how could I when I regard myself as non-technical? Inspired by some of, and still to this day, the best hackers out there I became obsessed and quickly progressed to a member of the red team (black team – physical breach/Simulated Threat Lead). Working with one of the original red teams (formed circa 2000) that 10yrs before I joined, had a proud “never been caught” red team record, the pressure was genuinely on me. This only fuelled me further and after successfully infiltrating some of the largest banks, insurance, legal, CNI & other sensitive environments, I’m proud of my “never been caught” record to this day too. It could be argued that a great deal of sales people are social engineers anyway, what could go wrong….Thankfully, absolutely nothing (so far!).”

Respected and leading CISO, awarded the CISO of the year for 2019 in Luxembourg, Sentinel CISO Global 2020, EU CISO 2020, and recently Ambassador of the year 2021 in Luxembourg. Versatile and innovative Cybersecurity professional with emphasis on cyber security risk management, policies and procedures creation, IT/IS security, IT Operations, audit, risk mitigation, business process improvement, IT governance. Passionate about participation and encouragement of women in cybersecurity and in STEM programs.

Prior to current role, served as the Senior Operational Risk and ISO manager for another EU Institution. Earlier in career, managed IT Audit and Compliance for Sobey’s, one of the two national grocery retailers in Canada and Audit, Corporate Development, M&A and growth strategies and IT Audit for George Weston, one of the Canada’s largest publicly traded food processing and distribution companies.

Jelle Wieringa has over 20 years of experience in business development, sales, management and marketing.

In his current role as Security Awareness Advocate for EMEA for KnowBe4, he helps organizations of all sizes understand why more emphasis is needed on the human factor, and how to manage the ongoing problem of social engineering.

His goal is to help organizations and users increase their resilience by making smarter security decisions. Previously, Wieringa was responsible for building an AI-driven platform for security operations at a leading managed security provider.

Jonathan is the co-founder of CyLon, which has supported the growth of 100+ cyber security startups across Europe, Asia and the Middle East to a collective valuation of bn+. Before founding CyLon, Jonathan was a senior British Diplomat, serving in a variety of roles for the UK Government, including as an advisor to UK Prime Minister David Cameron. He also co-founded Epsilon Advisory Partners, a strategy and growth firm working with world-leading global technology companies and investors.

A best-selling author, an award-winning speaker, and a serial entrepreneur, Kai Roer is the CEO and co-founder of Praxis Security Labs, an innovative, research-based security management software company. He is dedicated to improving the knowledge and understanding of the human factors that influence security and the organizational impact they have, and is widely recognized as a leading global authority on the topic of security culture.

Kai Roer has been providing actionable advice founded on empirical evidence to public and private organizations around the world since the 1990s, and has spent the past decades working with the information security community on a global stage. He has written and co-written several best-selling books on leadership and technology, as well as Build a Security Culture (IT-Governance, 2015) and The Security Culture Playbook (Wiley, 2022), which are well-considered as industry-guiding resources on the topic of security culture. He is also a popular keynote speaker, expert lecturer, a frequent guest on podcasts and is often featured in national and international media.

Kai focuses on presenting complex challenges in easy-to-understand language, and explains security in ways that resonate with non-security people. Thanks to his invaluable contributions to the industry and unique background which combines leadership, communication, and technology, Kai has received several awards throughout his career – including the Ron Knode Service Award by the Cloud Security Alliance CSA for his extensive volunteer work for the security community around the world.

When Kai is not working, he enjoys spending time outdoors, riding his motorcycles and BBQing with his family and friends. You can connect with Kai at www.linkedin.com/in/kairoer.

Karl Mattson is the Chief Information Security Officer at Noname Security. With over 25 years of experience leading innovative and diverse teams of technology and security professionals in financial services, retail and federal government, Karl has a track record of advising CEOs, CTO and investors on strategies for product, market and customer success.

Prior to Noname Security, he served as Chief Information Security Officer at PennyMac Loan Services and City National Bank, and Senior Vice President of IT Risk Management at PNC.

In addition, Karl formerly served as President of the LA Cyber Lab, Financial Services Co-Chair for Los Angeles Infragard, and Adjunct Faculty at the University of Minnesota’s Technological Leadership Institute.

Karl completed eight years of active duty service in the U.S. army. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from St. Mary’s University of San Antonio, Master of Business Administration from Auburn University, and a Master of Science in Computer and Information Systems from Boston University. He is a certified CISSP and FBI CISO Academy graduate.

Having more than 20 years of experience in the information security industry and the GCC region, Lorna is a Security Executive Partner and CISO Advisor with Gartner, having advised over 45 Cybersecurity Executives/CISOs across different industries in the GCC region. As a sought-after speaker, she has presented at numerous conferences, sharing insights and strategies that help CISOs achieve their objectives.

In addition to her technical expertise, Lorna is also a skilled communicator who excels at distilling complex security concepts into clear, actionable advice for non-technical stakeholders.

One of Lorna’s key responsibilities is running security awareness sessions for Boards of Directors, non-security Executives, VPs and GMs in various organizations.

Marina Nogales Fulwood is Global Head of Cyber External Engagement at Grupo Santander, where she leads strategic cyber collaboration initiatives to boost collective defence against cybercrime and foster a favorable regulatory cyber environment for the cyber ecosystem.

Marina manages relationships with Law Enforcement, trust groups and bilateral relationships in the public and private sectors and ensures Santander is a key player in the cyber arena.

Previous to this role, Marina headed Santander’s Global Cyber Intelligence team and was Director of Investigations at K2 Intelligence, where she launched the firm’s Cyber practice, which subsequently became leading cybersecurity firm Bluevoyant.

Mark is Chief Information Security Officer for NHS England having joined from UKHSA (Test and Trace) where he was head of Cyber Assurance and Oversight. With over 30 years of experience in security, Mark has held a number of high profile roles in the public and private sectors. He has a strong business focus seeing security as a business enabler. At every opportunity Mark seeks to manage the needs of business against those of security and risk. Outside of work, Mark works to raise much needed funds for NSPCC Childline. He is a member and former Chair of the WhiteHat Ball Committee which to date has raised over £2M for the NSPCC. less

I am a passionate leader with over 15 years of experience in the field of Information and Cyber Security. My genuine enthusiasm and energy for this industry fuel my drive to protect organizations from evolving threats and foster a culture of security.

With a strong technical and business background, I have operated on strategic, tactical, and operational levels, enabling me to understand and address security challenges from multiple perspectives. I firmly believe in the value of transparency, open communication, and continuous learning, as they are essential in building robust security programs.

My leadership approach emphasizes factual decision-making, persistence, and effective execution. I thrive on delivering tangible results that positively impact organizations, helping them navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats and compliance requirements.

One of my key strengths lies in my ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders at all levels. I tailor my communication style to suit diverse audiences, making technical concepts accessible and actionable. By fostering collaboration and understanding, I ensure that security initiatives align with business objectives and garner support from key stakeholders.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of positively influencing people and organizations. I take great pride in guiding teams toward achieving their full potential and creating a security-conscious culture that safeguards critical assets.

If you are looking for a dedicated and results-driven CISO who values continuous improvement and is committed to securing your organization’s future, I invite you to connect with me. Let’s collaborate and strengthen our collective defenses against cyber threats.

Matthew has worked at Synopsys since 2018, as Sales Engineering Manager and Subject Matter Expert on SCA for EMEA. He has been involved in the SCA and SBOM strategy at Synopsys, and supported the sales and deployment of solutions to enterprise customers across EMEA. Prior to Synopsys he worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise since 2010 and has worked as Security Engineer since 1996.

Matt has a distinguished 25-year career in cybersecurity, having worked as Chief Information Security Officer in some of the best-known global brands.

Alongside this, he has also assisted numerous startups to achieve success through his mentoring activities within several cybersecurity accelerators. Now, Matt is tackling fundamental gaps in cybersecurity capabilities, delivering a game-changing Automated Moving Target Defence Platform with seedata.io

I am an experienced security strategist in highly regulated sectors, adept in designing and implementing Cyber TPRM strategies and programs, with long term international expertise in contractual negotiations and stakeholder management within electric mobility, cyber security and renewable energies.


Lady Olga Maitland, Founder, Defense and Security Forum and Chairman, Copenhagen Compliance – has wide experience in all major Governance, risk Management and Compliance issues in general and global Fraud and Corruption problems in particular. She is a special adviser to a number of dignitaries and a widely sought after speaker at all Major Conferences on several Corporate Governance issues. Lady Olga is a former British MP for the Conservative party. Prior to her political career she was a reporter for the Fleet Street News Agency, a columnist in the London.

Owanate is the founder of Bestman Solutions, a firm dedicated to helping leaders hire cyber security professionals. He advises CISOs and Executives on market factors that impact their growth plans and designs bespoke solutions to address this. Firmly embedded in the cyber security space, he possesses a global core network of well-respected and proven security specialists. Owanate has spent almost a decade recruiting in the Cyber Security field. Before this, he recruited Technology and Operational Risk specialists and successfully staffed a number of high profile banking regulatory programmes. He is also a keen industry speaker and writer for security associations and international publications. Outside of Security and staffing, Owanate is interested in all things Martial Arts.

Paul Baird is a highly experienced and accomplished IT and cybersecurity professional with over 25 years of industry experience.

Currently, he is serving as the Chief Technical Security Officer (CTSO) for Qualys. Throughout his career, Baird has demonstrated a deep understanding of cybersecurity and has been instrumental in building several Security Operations Centres (SOCs).

His achievements in the field were recognised in 2021 when he was awarded Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Information Security Professionals (CiiSec) for his outstanding work in supporting cybersecurity.

Paul leads a talented team of security architects and consultants designing and securing Vodafone’s systems, products and services. Embedding security across Cloud, IoT, Mobile, Office and Fixed networks, with a diverse range of people, technologies and business applications every day brings new insight and a different perspective. Prior to this Paul was Technical Director for CGI’s UK Cyber Security Practice, and a Principal Security Architect, working on a number of security transformation programmes. Paul has lead a team providing managed security services and incident response, worked as a penetration tester, been a software developer and leader, and started as security researcher in 1992.

A senior level Cyber Security & Information Assurance professional with over 30 years’ experience in Technology & Engineering Management, Safety & Security Engineering and IT/OT Security for Critical National Infrastructure environments in the Defence and Civil Nuclear, Pharmaceuticals and Utilities sectors.

Quentyn has embraced using the power of stories and his own experience of testing products to destruction, building business relationships across the world whilst driving Canon’s strategy and educating business customers to minimise their security risk. A seasoned presenter to both the board and technical teams, Quentyn is seen as a transformational business leader achieving positive results for the end customer and the company. During his career, Quentyn has worked in a variety of industries for a number of organisations including outsourced service providers, Internet service providers as well as Dotcom businesses, before moving to Canon in 2000.

With just over 15 years in the industry, Rashpal is an experienced cyber-security professional with a detailed knowledge of security tools, technologies, and best practices. He has been a part of the team at RSB Infosec for more than 12 years and has created and deployed security solutions for a diverse range of clients, particularly in the Legal, Financial, and Healthcare sectors. His depth of understanding regarding the value of internal networks, systems, and information has proven vital in helping to protect these assets for our clients. Rashpal’s experience includes

An experienced Senior Leader & Corporate Executive, Security & Risk Professional, Ray is a globally acknowledged and well-known thought leader; recognised and highly respected as someone who delivers. Ray has sat on global programmes for the World Economic Forum on Cyber Resilience and the Advisory Board for the Information Security Forum. Ray has held Group CISO/CSO & EVP roles for BT, National Grid, Interoute, Redwood Technologies and Airbus UK. He has been fortunate enough to have held global accountability, ranging from consultancy, through to design, build and run of managed services; including full profit and loss ownership for multiple business lines, while combining this experience with protection of Critical National Infrastructure in the Energy and Communications industries.

Richard Mackintosh, a Director of the Quince Group, and a Senior Adviser to StoneTurn has over 30 years’ experience in security, investigations, insider risk, and intelligence, in the UK corporate and government arenas.
Richard has held security leadership positions in the private sector, including as Director of Investigations and Cyber Intelligence Adviser for BP, and Head of Intelligence for Lloyds Banking Group. At BP Richard established and led the enterprise-wide insider risk programme.

Prior to his roles in the private sector, Richard served in a wide variety of roles concerning national security holding positions in crisis management, civil contingencies and emergency planning, specialist training, physical and security threats, policy and planning, risk management, and media and communications.

The Quince Group helps clients across a wide variety of sectors (including energy, insurance, legal, emerging technologies, and technology startups) to understand and then manage insider risk in a holistic and systematic manner. With a rapidly changing risk landscape driven by technology, geo-politics, and economic and societal factors, understanding the evolution of personnel security (insider) risks is critical for organisations wishing to thrive. It is often the missing or least considered element in security. Working with organisations from small tech startups to large multinationals, The Quince Group approach is designed to help build high trust organisations where security becomes a positive benefit to the bottom line rather than just a cost. Quince assists boards and senior executives to understand the risks and then works with practitioners and stakeholders to design and implement proportionate and adaptive responses. They also assure and improve existing programmes.

Richard is a Senior Adviser to the global advisory firm StoneTurn with a particular focus on helping clients manage multidisciplinary challenges and specifically to develop proportionate and scalable approaches to insider risk irrespective of size or sector.

Robert is the Director of Cumberland House Consulting Ltd, specialising in audit, risk and cyber security strategy, programme delivery and Non-Exec and Board Advisory roles. He holds a number of commercial board positions including Chair of the Crossword Consulting Ltd Board, Non-Executive Director of Crossword Cybersecurity PLC, and Chair of the Board at Think Cyber Ltd and advisor to the Government of Singapore Ministry of Health. He is also a Governor/Trustee and Audit Committee Member of the University of Brighton. Robert has over 35 years of audit, risk and cybersecurity experience and has held a number of senior leadership positions, including CISO for the NHS and health & care system, GSK, National Grid, and Merrill Lynch and Head of InfoSec at Royal Bank of Scotland, and he was a partner at KPMG. Robert is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Assurance Research and Engineering at George Mason University, Washington DC. He is also an Honorary Professor at UCL. He was awarded a PhD in psychology by the University of Leeds for his work on the perceptions of information and IT risk and has published and presented on this and other topics. He continues to undertake research in these areas. He was also awarded an MBA from Manchester Business School.

Rob is a Principal Architect for Ping Identity in the UK and also the EMEA representative to the Ping Identity CTO Office. Rob has 20 years experience in identity and access management. He has worked on complex implementation projects in the UK, USA, Europe and South Africa. His current area of focus is on applying industry standards like OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 to enable businesses to interoperate and securely expose data and API’s. He is specifically focused on using Mobile Applications to deliver elegant Strong Customer Authentication solutions within financial services and other verticals.

Dr Leivesley, sally@newrisk.com works on generic solutions to catastrophic risks to critical infrastructure across all disciplines and contributes practical applications to government policy and business. She has been a Panel adviser to for the British IET and CPNI supported publication for Cyber Security in the Built Environment.
As an Advisor to companies and governments on protection of people and infrastructure and strategies for security and business Dr Leivesley has worked across industry sectors gas and petrochemicals; power distribution; hazardous goods transportation by rail; underground and aboveground rail; underground mines; bulk shipping and banks.
As an international media commentator she has commentated for BBC World Service and other news outlets on extreme threats – Chinese spy balloon over USA nuclear missile site, uranium package at London Heathrow airport,
cyber; terrorism; aviation losses; nuclear reactor explosions; Kabul 2021 evacuation; South China Sea; Polonium-210 and Novichok poisonings, Beslan siege; Iran; DPRK; USA Presidential security abroad; Covid-19, unexplained incidents such as MH370 and chemical incidents.

Dr Leivesley has held international scientific meetings on issues of catastrophic risk including risks of emerging nuclear weapons, infrastructure resilience including cyber, Covid-19 solutions and hazardous near-earth objects.
She was director of two disaster recovery units in Australia (weather and chemical incidents) and trained by British Home Office as Scientific Advisor holding a Cold War appointment as on all aspects of nuclear war.
PhD London University; Member of the Register of Security Engineers and Specialists RSES; International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigator; Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies, and the British Information Assurance Advisory Council Community.

Sam joined Via Resource in 2011 as the first Consultant.

With over 10 years of recruitment experience, all of which have been in the Information and Cyber Security field.

Covering a full range of Information Security roles including GRC, Data Protection, Security Operations and many more.

Sam’s main specialism is in Security Operations, Incident Response & Security Engineering. Where he has placed over 100 candidates in the industry and built relationships with teams globally, With certifications including CertRR, CertRP and Diploma in Recruitment Management.

With over 29 years of managerial experience in different telecommunication fields, including eight years as Chief Information Security Officer, and Security Executive Director, added to six years as Internal Audit Executive Director, Sami has extensive knowledge of information security, cyber-security, privacy, Internal Audit, Risk Management and Internal Control.

As Telecom Engineer, Sami has also good expertise of telecommunication technologies and trends. He was Mobile O&M Director at Tunisie Telecom and supervised as Regional Director the infrastructure deployment for both fixed and mobile networks in three Tunisian Departments.

Additionally, Sami is an expert assistant at the Tunisian University where he teaches Management Information Systems and Information Security. He holds an MBA of Paris Dauphine University-France and two Telecom Engineering diplomas of SUPCOM Tunisia.

Sami is the winner of The Inspiring Leader of the Year 2022 Award at North AfricaCom Event

Cyber & Tech Risk @ BNP Paribas – Crypto / blockchain, AI, Cloud, & Threat Intelligence

– A highly experienced and innovative leader with versatile cyber security, risk, and compliance experience in global Financial Services institutions
– Significant experience in leading large multi-year cyber and risk programmes by proactive engagement with board level business, technology, and RISK executives
– Start-up mind set with proven experience in developing and implementing innovative cyber security solutions in F500 organizations
– Proven experience in hiring exceptional talent in offshore locations to setup Centre of Excellence (COE) capability
– Global mindset: Experience of building and leading multi-cultural teams in Asia, Europe, and USA
– Exceptionally well connected in the industry- strong network of customers, partners, technology providers, and subject matter experts across the globe
– Known in the industry for: Passion, Integrity, Honesty and Technical Knowledge
– Specialties: Security Strategy, Cyber Roadmap, Security Architecture, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cloud Security, Security Operation Centre, Identity and Access Management, Data Protection (Structured and Unstructured), Social Media Monitoring, External Attack Surface, Vulnerability Prioritization, Cyber Fraud, Financial Crime, Cyber Rating, Digital Risk Analytics, Insider Threat, Incident Response, Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence, Technology Audit and GRC
– Stakeholder coverage: CEO, COO, CFO, CDO, DPO, CTO, CIO, CISO, Risk Management, Compliance, Fraud, Credit Risk, Legal and HR

Recognised cyber security MD with over thirty years of industry experience implementing successful programmes in demanding global environments including investment banking, retail, media and FMCG. Simon provides strategic vision, leadership and technology expertise with a proven track record for effective risk management, change delivery and exceptional impact. He has a strong track record of creating and leading sector wide initiatives. Simon was recently interim CISO at John Lewis, McKesson UK and Avon. Prior to these roles, he was regional CISO at Bank of America Merrill Lynch for 9 years, where he had responsibility for all aspects of cyber security in the EMEA region working closely with business and technical leaders. A member of the bank’s information security senior leadership team that directs the enterprise wide prevention and response activities, Simon had an active role in defining the global strategic operating model and setting strategic long-term goals. Previous sector positions have included Bank of England’s industry chair of the Cyber Coordination Group and Chair of CPNI’s Financial Services Information Exchange (FSIE) and Global Head of IT Security at Thomson Reuters.

Sounil Yu is the CISO and Head of Research at JupiterOne. He created the Cyber Defense Matrix and the DIE Triad, which are reshaping approaches to cybersecurity.

He’s a Board Member of the FAIR Institute; is a visiting fellow at GMU Scalia Law School’s National Security Institute; guest lectures at Carnegie Mellon; and advises many startups.

Sounil previously served as the CISO-in-Residence at YL Ventures and Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America. Before BofA, he helped improve information security at several Fortune 100 companies and Federal Government agencies.

Sounil has over 20 granted patents and was recognized as one of the most influential people in security in 2020 by Security Magazine, Influencer of the Year in 2021 by SC Awards, a 2021 Top 10 CISO by Black Unicorn Awards, and for Lifetime Achievement in 2022 by the SANS Institute.

He has an MS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BA in Economics from Duke University.

Thomas has been working in commercial Cybersecurity Incident Response for over ten years, running a CSIRT’s across Europe and responding to hundreds of incidents a year.

Tunde is responsible for Information Security at Advantage Smollan, a leading Sales, Marketing & Data Company. Prior to joining he worked at Colliers International as Head of Information Security. He has also worked as a Network Engineer at KKR supporting their Infrastructure and Operations.

He holds a CISSP #765107‎ and degree in Computer Systems & Networks from Plymouth University.

Toks is responsible for the global delivery of information security at Dentons, the world’s largest law firm. He has over 20 years’ experience working in security, technology and privacy, across a number of industries.

Toks is an experienced and strategic business risk leader. He has a particular passion for strategy and team building and development. His core skillset, developed over the years includes security operations and architecture, risk management and risk driven investment, data protection, compliance and audits, and enterprise culture, awareness and training.

Toks has contributed to the business and technology community through information sharing, groups, speaking engagements and multi-industry networking. As strong supporter of education and schools, he has provided advice in areas of security, data protection, user awareness and cloud transformation.

More than two decades of professional experience in information management and governance, with particular focus on information security, risk management and assurance for large multilateral public sector organizations with global presence. Actively contributing to inter-organizational working groups for establishing policies, standards, and guidelines in the area of information security, personal data protection, awareness programs, risk analysis and metrics. Conducting research in cryptography, data protection regulation, and risk management. I’ve started professional career in information technology in the year of the release of Mosaic Web browser, Intel Pentium CPU, Microsoft Windows NT, Debian Linux, Doom computer game… Since the Internet bubble, teaching computer science and telecommunications courses as adjunct faculty at Computer Science Department of Webster University in Geneva. Actively contributing to academic program advancement as a member of the Scientific Committee for Advanced Studies in Information Security at the Department of Management Studies of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Geneva. Advocating advancement in information security as an author in journals and as a speaker at professional conferences.

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