Governance risk horizon

Governance opportunity horizon

Fighting harmful business practices and financial crime.

Accountability, leadership and transparency.

Integrated threats of cybersecurity and physical to critical national infrastructures and public confidence in the financial system.

Customer security, privacy and brand
reputation. Technology investment in online commerce.

Convergence of industries and functions.  Disruptive capabilities of ongoing technological development.

Privacy and regulatory challenges.


Creation of new markets in newcomer and established markets. Operational agility.  Digital innovation in business and government. Mobility, IoT, big data, cloud, artificial intelligence. New social media channels.

Preparing for political and socio-economic uncertainty. Social unrest and terrorism.

Turning lines of defence into value.


Increasingly tough regulation and compliance.



Monetise proactive risk and compliance strategies. Leverage investment and reputation with effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability strategies.

Increasing role played by government in business in multiple sectors.

Positive collaboration between public and private sectors.

Anti-bribery measures in rapid-growth markets and failing national and international governance.

Emerging markets opportunities through due diligence.